Oct 17 2018

After School - Playgirlz (Music Video edition) (DVD)

After School - Playgirlz (Music Video edition) (DVD)

Music Video:
01. Let's Do It! (Japan ver.) (PV)
02. Bang! (Japan ver.) (PV)
03. Tap Slap (PV)
04. Diva (Japan ver.) (PV)
05. Rambling girls (PV)
06. Bang! (Japan ver.) -Dance edit ver.- (PV)
07. Diva (Japan ver.) -Dance edit ver.- (PV)
08. Rambling girls -Dance edit ver.- (PV)

Bonus Contents Part.1
Orange Caramel - Shanghai Romance (Korea ver.) (MV)

Bonus Contents Part.2
Various footage of After School since their Japanese debut

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• 2.66 Gb :: DVD

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rar 02: https://filejoker.net/r40g9owocwty

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