Amuro Namie - MV Special part 1 (M-ON! 2017.11.11)

Amuro Namie - MV Special part 1 (M-ON! 2017.11.11)

01. Body Feels Exit (PV)
02. Chase the Chance
03. You're my sunshine (PV)
04. a walk in the park (PV)
05. Can you celebrate? (PV)
06. How to be a Girl (PV)
07. Dreaming I was dreaming (PV)
08. I have never seen (PV)
09. Respect the power of love (PV)
10. Something 'bout the kiss (PV)
11. Love 2000 (PV)
12. Never End (PV)
13. Please Smile Again (PV)
14. think of me (PV)
15. Say the word (PV)
16. I Will (PV)
17. Wishing On The Same Star (PV)
18. shine more (PV)
19. Put 'Em Up (PV)
20. So Crazy (PV)
21. Alarm (PV)
22. Showtime (PV)
23. Do It For Love (PV)
24. Finally (PV)

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安室奈美恵 MV特集 Part1

1 comment

    • John on 2018.05.19 at 23:30

    English: I only want to PV Body Feels Exit, because it's the only Namie Amuro's song that i have listened to. But you put online to download with almost 1.8 gb and my internet runs about 800 kb, and download to that speed it would take me more than 12 hours. Because i have proved to download 800 mb and it has taked like 7 hours about in one session where it goes not down at download and if it download more megabytes, it will go down constantly. It's a shame.

    Spanish: Yo solo quiero el PV Body Feel Exit, porque es la unica cancion de Nami Amuro que he escuchado. Pero esta para descargar con casi 1.8 gb y mi internete va a 800 kb, y para bajar -a esa velocidad- tomaria mas de 12 horas. Porque ya he probado descargar 800 mb y ha tomado como 7 horas mas o menos en una sesion donde no se caiga al descargar, y descargo mas megas, se caera constantemente. Es una pena.

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