[AZH10-M] Favorite Blue - FB in the Remix (1998) (FLAC)

Favorite Blue - FB in the Remix (1998)

01. Shake Me Up! (Achilles Damigos remix)
02. True Gate (Spasmix)
03. Close My Love (T. Kimura Plant mix)
04. Missing Place (Eric Kupper remix)
05. 愛よりも激しく、誰よりも愛しく (D. Ford remix)
06. Lovin’ You (Tusk’N’Fur mix)
07. I Still Believe (Eric Kupper remix)
08. Change by Me (Change by D.M.X remix)
09. Movin’ On (Whistle Mix from the Jungle)
10. 誰にも負けないで (Intensive mix)
11. Remember Day (T. Kimura Plant mix)

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