[AZH10-M] globe - First Reproducts (1999) (FLAC)

globe - First Reproducts (1999)

01. Sa Yo Na Ra (Junior’s Global mix)
02. Perfume of Love (Junior’s Club mix)
03. Feel Like Dance (Below the Belt remix)
04. So Far Away from Home (Beautiful Journey) (Nomad remix)
05. Miss Your Body (Studio tracks)
06. Faces Places (Live version)
07. Departures (Fallen Angel remix)
08. Is this Love (Method of Madness remix)
09. Joy to the Love (Live version)
10. Anytime Smokin’ Cigarette (Live version)

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• 454.73 MB :: flac
• bitrate: min 871 Kbps / max 1048 Kbps


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