[AZH11-M] Chemistry - Between the Lines (2003) (FLAC)

Chemistry - Between the Lines (2003)

01. Naturally Ours
02. It Takes Two (Octopussy remix feat. LISA)
03. Point of No Return (ケツメイシの remix.)
04. 恋するカレン
05. Back Together Again (West Indies Dream mix)
06. Running Away (Spanish Passion)
07. B.M.N. (Big Man, Now)
08. Pieces of a Dream (DJ Watarai remix)
09. You Go Your Way (Loony Tune remix)
10. Move on (album version)
11. 君をさがしてた (シーモネーター & DJ Taki-shit remix feat. Crystal Boy)
12. 明治チェルシーの唄
13. 最後の夜

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