[AZH7-M] Rie fu - At Rie Sessions (2010) (FLAC)

Rie fu - At Rie Sessions (2010)

01. Stay with Me ~恋愛なんてヒマつぶし~ (with Lily Franky feat. Bose)
02. Just Like You (with Leo Imai)
03. いろどって (with Mina Ganaha and Mayumix)
04. Don’t Worry (with Kat and Yuka (moumoon))
05. Star (with Ifu Sarasa and Suzuki Kenji)
06. Sunshine Forehead with Curly Giraffe
07. My Start (with Takemoto Kenichi and Peter Kvint)
08. Gilles (with Naoto (Orange Range) and Kohei (Hoi Festa))
09. Laundry (with Yui (Rythem) and Nakashima Akiko)
10. Bright Life (with Satou Honoka (Aluto))
11. ひとつひとつ (with Seira, Shiina Junpei, Chris Tomoko)

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