[AZH8-D] Kara - Best Clips III (2013) (Blu-Ray)

Kara - Best Clips III (2013) (Blu-Ray)

Music Video:
01. Speed Up (スピード アップ)
02. Girls Power (ガールズ パワー)
03. Electric Boy (エレクトリックボーイ)
04. Orion (オリオン)
05. Bye Bye Happy Days! (バイバイ ハッピーデイズ!)
06. Pandora
07. Wanna Do by Ji Young (ワナドゥ)
08. Lost (feat. JinWoon of 2AM) by Nicole (ロスト)
09. Secret Love by Hara (シークレットラブ)
10. Hakuchuumu by Gyuri (白昼夢; Daydream)
11. Guilty by Seung Yeon (ギルティ)

01. Bye Bye Happy Days! (Drama ver.)
02. Bye Bye Happy Days! (Gyuri Solo ver.)
03. Bye Bye Happy Days! (Seung Yeon solo ver.)
04. Bye Bye Happy Days! (Nicole solo ver.)
05. Bye Bye Happy Days! (Hara solo ver.)
06. Bye Bye Happy Days! (Ji Young solo ver.)
07. Special Girls Talk (スペシャル・ガールズ・トーク)


• 29.5 GB :: Blu-Ray.iso

rar 01: https://filejoker.net/q42u6qclf0pa/AZH8-KaraBestCl...
rar 02: https://filejoker.net/x7ut075neu2u/AZH8-KaraBestCl...
rar 03: https://filejoker.net/5qywlz4e1gsu/AZH8-KaraBestCl...
rar 04: https://filejoker.net/mfa1g1sus2bp/AZH8-KaraBestCl...
rar 05: https://filejoker.net/q2imdu4crddp/AZH8-KaraBestCl...
rar 06: https://filejoker.net/1n3vwfmrvk52/AZH8-KaraBestCl...
rar 07: https://filejoker.net/0l86nq2c2k0d/AZH8-KaraBestCl...

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