[AZH8-M] Suite Chic - When Pop Hits the Lab (2003) (FLAC)

Suite Chic - When Pop Hits the Lab (2003)

01. What’s on Your Mind (feat. XBS) (Wall5 remix)
02. Good Life (DJ Kaori remix)
03. Baby Be Mine (Sunaga T Experience remix)
04. We Got Time (DJ Ajapai remix)
05. Without Me (Yukihiro Fukutomi remix)
06. Damn Fight (Malawi Rocks remix)
07. Not This Time (G.K. remix)
08. What If (feat. Verbal) (Ram Jam World remix)
09. ”Uh Uh,,,,,,” (feat. AI) (Remix feat. BIGZAN & P.H.)
10. Sing My Life (feat. DABO) (DJ Hazime remix)
11. Ain’t Yours (Mr. Drunk remix)
12. Signs of Life (Afro Chic mix)
13. Just Say So (Groove That Soul mix)

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• bitrate: min 839 Kbps / max 1055 Kbps


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