Sep 25 2019

[AZHD0005] Red Velvet - Sappy (DVD)

Red Velvet - Sappy (DVD)

01. Sappy (PV)
02. #Cookie Jar (PV)
03. Sappy (music video making clip)
04. Sappy (jacket making clip)
05. #Cookie Jar (music video making clip)
06. #Cookie Jar (jacket making clip)
07. Red Velvet 1st Concert "Red Room" in Japan Backstage Making
08. ReVeluv-Baby Premium Party Digest


• 5.40 GB :: DVD.iso

rar 01:
rar 02:

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    • John on 2019.09.27 at 00:29

    The next, only if you could, when it's shared big files like this one, share them on more parts to download. In this side of the world, America, specifically Peru, it's too expensive to pay high internet speed and even download of that server that is too low for download big files. It would be appreciated. Thank you for sharing.

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