Nov 30 2018

AZio loves Amuro Namie

AZio loves Amuro Namie


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    • Anonymous on 2018.12.01 at 10:03

    Sweet cute picture. And nice cosplay. AZio is my new waifu for week. 🙂

    • L7 on 2018.11.30 at 22:09

    Tomie is this you? I've been waiting for you!

    • totom on 2018.11.30 at 19:02

    wow, i like this... checkmate!

    • old pepper on 2018.11.30 at 17:28

    This "collobaration" is amazing. Lol.
    Thank you.

    • Obra on 2018.11.30 at 17:21

    Wonderful art! I love Namie too.

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