BoA - Next World

BoA - Next World

01. Holiday Palm Drive feat. BoA & FIRSTKLAS
02. 奇蹟 (SOUL’d OUT remix) remixed by SOUL’d OUT
03. Flying without wings Westlife featuring BoA
04. Show me what you got (DJ Watarai remix) Bratz feat. BoA remixed by DJ Watarai
05. Jewel Song (Akira’s Canto Diamante version) BoA & Akira
06. Shine We Are! (Groove that soul remix) remixed by G.T.S
07. flower (D.I’s Luv hurts remix) remixed by Daisuke Imai feat. Lisa
08. Winding Road feat. DABO BoA & DABO
09. Everything needs love feat. BoA (Piano-pella) Mondo Grosso
10. Valenti (English version)
11. Every Heart (English version)
12. Listen to my heart (English version)
13. Amazing Kiss (English version)

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