Jun 13 2019

Chae Yeon - Virginalness Bloom

Chae Yeon - Virginalness Bloom

01. 둘이서 (Duriseo) (The Two of Us)
02. 지독한 외면 (Jidokhan Oemyeon) (Damm Exterior)
03. 다가와 (Dagawa) (Come to Me)
04. 보고싶어 (Bogosipeo) (I Want To See)
05. 믿어 (Mideo) (Trust) ft. D-Low
06. 다 끝났어 (Da kkeutnasso) (It's Over)
07. 행복한 눈물 (HaengbokHan Nunmul) (Happy Tears)
08. Dance All Night
09. 널 사랑할게 (Neol Saranghalge) (You'll Love)
10. 사랑인가봐! (Sarangingabwa!) (I Love Sugar!)
11. 추억만으로 (Chueongmaneuro) (Only Memories)
12. 바보 (Babo) (Fool)

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