[AZBX001] Do As Infinity - Time Machine (DVD)

Do As Infinity - Time Machine (DVD)

Do As Infinity 12th Anniversary ~FREE SOUL! FREE SPIRITS!~ vol.3 Live

Music videos:
01. Chikai (誓い) (PV)
02. Ariadne no Ito (アリアドネの糸) (PV)
03. Tasogare (黄昏) (PV)

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• 7.54 Gb :: DVD

rar 01: https://filejoker.net/56u8bwvqnlrp
rar 02: https://filejoker.net/zpv4foqcotwm
rar 03: https://filejoker.net/i8mizgnnbcey
rar 04: https://filejoker.net/2e1vez6g76xk

rar 01: https://www.mexashare.com/y8j9ue05hu52/20180909.02...
rar 02: https://www.mexashare.com/bhxcygovysk9/20180909.02...
rar 03: https://www.mexashare.com/twtapq39e937/20180909.02...
rar 04: https://www.mexashare.com/nciytcb37h6y/20180909.02...

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    • Diego Castanho on 2018.09.12 at 03:06

    I cant't find anywhere these full version music videos:
    * TUNAGO (Wake Up Girls)
    * Tabi wa Kimizure Yohanasake (Mousou Calibration)
    * Morning Coffee ~20th Anniversary ver.~ (Morning Musume 20th)
    * Just The Way You Are (EXILE ATSUSHI)
    * Bring Your Happiness (callme)
    * Yuukan na Koi no Serenade (Ange☆Reve)
    * Colorful (Ange☆Reve)
    * Hare Hare Carnival (Matsuri Nine)
    * Summer Lover (MAG!C☆PRINCE)
    * Reach For The Stars (NineStars)

    Will they make these full VMs available for download?

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