[AZBX001] Every Little Thing - Best Clips (DVD)

Every Little Thing - Best Clips (DVD)

01. Feel My Heart (PV)
02. Future World (PV)
03. Dear My Friend (PV)
04. For the moment (PV)
05. Deatta Koro no You ni (出逢った頃のように) (PV)
06. Shapes of Love (PV)
07. Time goes by (PV)
08. Over and Over (PV)
09. Someday, Someplace (PV)
10. Pray (PV)
11. Ai no Kakera (愛のカケラ) (PV)
12. fragile (PV)
13. Graceful World (PV)

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• 4.16 Gb :: DVD


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