Dec 22 2019

GilMe - Love Actually

GilMe - Love Actually

01. Neon Nareul Wae (feat. Jung Yup of Brown Eyed Soul) (넌 나를 왜)
02. Mianhae Saranghaeseo (feat. K.Will) (미안해 사랑해서)
03. Minamisineyo (feat. Lisa) (미남이시네요)
04. XOXO
05. Fly High
06. Sarangeun Jeonjaengida (feat. Outsider) (사랑은 전쟁이다)
07. Love Sick (feat. Bobby Kim)
08. Love Cuts (feat. Eun Ji Won)
09. Ireumman Deureodo (이름만 들어도)
10. Hey Boy Playboy (feat. Ceejay of Freshboyz)

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