Jolin Tsai - Magic

Jolin Tsai - Magic (2003)

01. 說愛你
02. 看我72變
03. 假面的告白
04. 奴隸船
05. 布拉格廣場
06. 做一天的你
07. Prove It
08. 爆米花的味道
09. 馬甲上的繩索
10. 好東西
11. 騎士精神

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蔡依林 - 看我72變


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    • Pierre-André Labeau on 2018.12.26 at 12:39

    Same yo you... A very happy and blessed 2019... and long life to Aziophrenia!
    Be safe!

  1. to Pierre-André Labeau:

    ihgyx1z2iuhy is OK. This link leads to correct file. I checked it especially for you. ("Hellcat" is hiding under FJ banner.)

    Just try to download Jolin one more time.

    Merry christmas and a happy new year, dude!

    • Pierre-André Labeau on 2018.12.25 at 05:06


    That's the link I clicked, Dude... Do you see other Filejoker links on the page?

  2. to Pierre-André Labeau:
    Please click on the correct link, dude.

    • Pierre-André Labeau on 2018.12.24 at 20:08

    NOT Jolin Tsai - Magic but Meisa Kuroki - Hellcat

    • Pierre-André Labeau on 2018.12.24 at 18:46

    WTF? I went to DL Jolin Tsai with Magic and I got Meisa Kuroki with Hellcat!!!! Really not the same!

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