Mao Denda - Mao Denda Remixes 1

Mao Denda - Mao Denda Remixes 1

Hip Hop Side:
1.01. Mimi Moto ni Iru yo ~Tiny Voice, Smooth Dance Hall Mix~
1.02. Masquerade ~Akira’s Maoism Remix~
1.03. Anata to Futari de ~Ken-bo’s Urba-Remix~
1.04. Masquerade ~Kei Horiguchi + Kang Dong Remix~
1.05. Yasashii Kimochi ~The Life Remix – DJ Master Key~
1.06. It’s all about ~Kreva Remix~

House Side:
2.01. Happy Ever After ~DJ Take’s eternal vocal mix~
2.02. It’s all about ~DJ Take’s rise on up mix~
2.03. SOME ONE 2 LOVE ~DJ Take’s in the house mix~
2.04. Masquerade ~DJ Take’s equator mix~
2.05. All My Special ~DJ Take’s sunrise mix~

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傳田真央 - Mao Denda Remixes 1

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