Jun 17 2017

Minami Takahashi - Jane Doe (Type A) (DVD)

Minami Takahashi - Jane Doe (Type A) (DVD)

01. Jane Doe (PV)
02. Yabureta Hane (破れた羽根) (PV)
03. The Path of Takahashi Minami, Part 1 ~The Small General Manager Who Brings Together a Giant Group~
(高橋みなみの軌跡 前編 ~巨大グループをまとめる小さな総監督~)
04. Making of Jane Doe

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• 2.82 Gb :: DVD

rar 01: https://filejoker.net/t6wd5e3oc8eq
rar 02: https://filejoker.net/slc9rvpizs0c
rar 03: https://filejoker.net/0p1xgw7yp1sg
rar 04: https://filejoker.net/8dh8son9y1me
rar 05: https://filejoker.net/3ya4j86fnvsv

高橋みなみ - Jane Doe

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