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    • Diego Castanho LSH on 2020.07.02 at 20:55

    Please upload full PV from "Run for the New Wind" (palet) that I can't find anywhere...

    • Mabaws on 2020.07.01 at 13:22

    Hi There, Can I Request Youki Kudoh Sensation, Miki Takahashi Boyfriend, Miki Takahashi Twinkle Memories -THE FIRST COLLECTION- , Miki Takahashi Twinkle Memories -THE SECOND COLLECTION- , Yuka Ohnishi BEST OF BEST, Yuka Ohnishi Best Memory, Be VAP Idol school (2) 1985-1986, Kanako Wada Tenderness+3, Also this Single Hiroko Aota Tsuki no Yoru, Hoshi no Asa Can you search it Please. My Regards, Thanks To You guys

    • Nakajo on 2020.06.30 at 08:43

    Can i request faky half moon and new age single?

    I looking for an flac file of these single

    • Omaris Bhumiriady on 2020.06.29 at 23:49


    Can you please upload the following albums? I'm looking for an MP3 file of these albums for a long time.

    26 Ji no Masquerade - Heart Sunglasses (26時のマスカレイド - ハートサングラス)

    26 Ji no Masquerade - Churu Summer! (26時のマスカレイド - ちゅるサマ!)

    If possible, please upload them in MP3 320 format and without FileJoker Premium.


    • Mammafu on 2020.06.26 at 23:56

    Any chance of MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN?

    • Anonymous on 2020.06.25 at 11:35

    All the 9nine albums are here except for their 2013 album Cue.
    I'd just like to request that, thanks 🙂

    • Marcos on 2020.06.23 at 10:58

    I'm looking for Pushim's "Anything For You" PV on the web since around 2012, but nothing till today. Please help me find this clip!

    • J on 2020.06.19 at 11:32

    Would you plez upload any other b'z concert?

    • Anonymous on 2020.06.19 at 10:38

    Can i request Sutopuri Album?

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