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    • farislu on 2022.06.25 at 17:59

    May I request anything from "Rie Ida & 42nd Street" in lossless ?
    Do appreciate it.

    • hiro on 2022.06.24 at 19:01

    TOKYO No.1 SOUL SET - 全て光 
    Please !

    • name on 2022.06.21 at 04:52

    Hi! Can we please get Crystal Kay's CK 04-09 Music Clips - Decade- dvd iso as well as Double's complete discography in lossless format (i.e. flac)? Thank you!

    • Hhj on 2022.06.19 at 17:17

    Utada hikaru - first love plz

    • WenWi on 2022.06.17 at 12:26

    Plz post TWICE JAPAN DEBUT 5th Anniversary - Full Blu-ray
    I really want those MV's in HD <3

    That BD It's the only way I would actually pay FileJoker premium :c

    • Joker on 2022.06.16 at 07:47

    Request abe mao albums flac:
    1. ふりぃ (Free)
    2. 貴方を好きな私 (Anata wo Suki na Watashi)
    3. ポっぷ (Pop)
    4. 貴方の恋人になりたいのです (Anata no Koibito ni Naritai no Desu)

    • Feuerkalt on 2022.06.12 at 01:09

    Hello, Hope you can upload the (secret base ~君がくれたもの~ / 夢ノカケラ・・・ BESTタッグ)
    Thank you very much

    • taka on 2022.05.16 at 04:39

    please upload
    azusa senou best

    • Wei on 2022.05.14 at 05:20

    can you upload a-nation 2015 AAA part?
    AAA - Party It Up (a-nation 2015)
    AAA - Lover (a-nation 2015)
    AAA - Hurricane Riri, Boston Mari (a-nation 2015)
    AAA - Sayonara no Mae ni (a-nation 2015)
    AAA - Koi Oto to Amazora (a-nation 2015)

    Thank you in advance.

    • dp on 2022.05.01 at 22:42

    My Little Lover - New Adventure
    Albums by Unicorn, if possible.

    Thanks if you can fulfill any of these!

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