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    • Adolfo on 2021.10.19 at 04:32

    Any chance of uploading alan's Japanese albums in FLAC?

    • Anonymous on 2021.10.10 at 21:46

    Can you upload 'Fist Impression - Supernatural (1996) ' album?
    Thank you!

    • utkarsh jha on 2021.10.09 at 09:00

    Can you please re-upload "Mai Kuraki - 20th Anniversary ~Music Video Collection~ (WOWOW 2019.12.08)", its link was ( as the files were deleted in the file joker link! plzzzzzzz

    • Anonymous on 2021.10.08 at 18:06

    Hello. Can you upload "Ayumi Hamasaki - Complete Clip Box" 3-DISC DVD in ISO? Thanks.

    • E.G. on 2021.10.04 at 06:55

    Hi, this is a longshot but are you able to upload 엘루이즈 (Eloise)?

    Thank you!

    • Hiep Le on 2021.10.01 at 19:47

    "JIN - Jin Kirigaya" please. Very good album

    • Yenne on 2021.09.20 at 19:52

    Hello, could you post:

    Double DVD or PVs
    Double x Shota Shimizu - “Oyasumi no Kiss wo ~Good Night My Love~ PV
    MELL - mellscope DVD
    Miwako Oukuda DVD or PV
    AI - DVD (Story, I’ll Remember You, etc)
    Amano Tsukiko - Koe PV and others DVD
    Bada DVD or MVs (Queen, V.I.P, Go Go, Eyes, Aurora)
    Hearts Grow - Yura Yura PV or DVD
    Aural Vampire - Freeeeze!! PV, Shounan Zoku -cannibal coast- PV
    Anna Tsuchiya - TV shows and more concerts
    Haruka to Miyuki PV
    Nana Kitade - Suicides Love Story PV

    Please *-*

    And could you reupload:

    Mika Nakashima - No More Rules. (DVD)

    Bada - Mad (MV)

    Chiaki Kuriyama - Circus (Deluxe edition) (DVD)

    mini - Are U Ready? (PV)

    mini - GiRLS SPiRiT (PV)

    Onegai *-*

    • Yenne on 2021.09.15 at 12:23

    Hello, could you upload
    Nami Tamaki - Speciality (DVD)
    Please! T_T

    • Julien on 2021.09.11 at 02:57

    Hello there,

    Please could you post Get My Wave by Masako Miyazaki ‎?

    Thanks and congratulations on the very good work!

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