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    • Omaris Bhumiriady on 2020.01.23 at 01:03


    I would like to request an upload of SUPER☆GiRLS - Chozetsu★Gakuen ~Tokimeki High Range (超絶★学園 ~ときめきHighレンジ!!!~)

    I've been looking for an MP3 file of this album for a long time. If possible, please upload it without Filejoker Premium.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Fatiman Xu on 2020.01.22 at 11:42


    CAN I Request

    Mimori Suzuko – koi wa iryūjon (koi wa illusion) MV


    • Anonymous on 2020.01.21 at 00:41

    I've searched for Muramatsu Ken (村松健)’s ”Still Life Donuts”.

    Please upload it.

    I don't pay for Filejoker. Upload it without premium, if you can.
    And, +Blue, too.

    • Diego Castanho LSH on 2020.01.15 at 18:05

    Please upload these full PV's:
    * Ange⭐Reve - Yûkan na Koi no Serenade (Full PV)
    * Mai Fuchigami - Valentine Hunter (Full PV)
    * Yui Ogura - Destiny (Full PV)
    * Yui Ogira - I LOVE YOU (Full PV - DVD) (not available internationally on Apple Music)

    • phan on 2020.01.15 at 14:21

    would you please reupload Little Glee Monster - MTV Unplugged (MTV 2018.07.21)

    • t. on 2020.01.15 at 01:29

    Ryuji Imaichi- ZONE OF GOLD

    • Anonymous on 2020.01.12 at 07:18

    Hi, can you please upload "Kimura Takuya - Go With the Flow Album"? Thank you so much in advanced! 🙂

    • t. on 2019.12.29 at 17:11

    E-Girls - Cinderella Fit (Winter ver)

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