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    • Anonymous on 2019.03.20 at 00:54

    Could you upload this video, please
    12. Let's go faraway (PV)
    13. Uh (with HI-D and JUN 4 SHOT from FIRE BALL) (PV)

    • Jota on 2019.03.12 at 03:09

    Hi! Can you upload "enDroll" by BUPPON, please?

    • AxL on 2019.03.11 at 21:13

    Hola. El siguiente vídeo no esta disponible para descargar: LOOΠΔ/Chuu - Heart Attack. Por favor podrías repararlo; por anticipado, muchas gracias. Muy buena pagina, sigue así.

    • Fatiman Xu on 2019.03.02 at 20:24

    hi, me again

    requesting again...
    May J. - Ai wo Kanjite (PV) please reupload it

    • elvensky on 2019.02.21 at 19:38

    Hello could you upload Bang Dream 5th live?
    the blu ray just relased yesterday, thank you in advance

    • JK on 2019.02.21 at 17:05

    Could you upload the file again?
    "GFRIEND - Kyou Kara Watashitachi wa ~GFRIEND 1ST BEST~ (DVD)"
    I think the link has expired. I can not download it.

    • Fatiman xu on 2019.02.06 at 12:30

    Hi, me
    Fatiman Xu, request
    all Mano Erina PV
    in BDRIP quality

    • Shin on 2019.02.03 at 15:24

    Hello, do u have
    alüto - Michi ~To You All~
    Hearts Grow - Yura Yura
    HOME MADE Kazoku - Arigatou!!
    NICO Touches the Walls - Broken Youth

    • Shin on 2019.02.01 at 23:44

    Hi there, can u reupload this?
    Amuro Namie - Neonlight Lipstick (PV)

    • Marija on 2019.01.30 at 18:58


    I have a question about some Japanese TV dorama; do they come with Eng subs? I just saw that you have FIRST CLASS starring Erika Sawajiri so I was wondering about that since it did not say in the description part if it has subs or not. Thank you!


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