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    • Happy17 on 2018.07.20 at 03:59

    Please, if you can, upload
    READY Yoko Takahashi - Tamashii no Rufuran - Music Fair 2018.06.09
    READY Yoko Takahashi - Zankokuna Tenshi no These - Music Fair 2018.06.09


    • Shin on 2018.07.12 at 03:07

    Hello, can you reupload?
    Bada - Mad (MV)
    READY Tsukiko Amano - Chou (PV)
    READY Olivia - Video Clips (DVD)
    READY Yuna Ito - Stuck on You (PV)
    READY Yuna Ito - Miss you (PV)
    READY Amuro Namie feat. Tomohisa Yamashita - UNUSUAL (PV)

    • Fatiman on 2018.07.06 at 17:22

    A. request Hougako Princess - seifuku cinderella PV/MV 1080p
    B. request Gospeller - Dream Girl PV/MV 1080p
    C. request RAY - A-gain PV/MV 1080p

    • Jake on 2018.07.05 at 06:56

    Okay I see. So can you re-upload 'Music Station 2 hour special (2018.02.23)' please? Can you also upload Music Station (2017.12.01) if you have? Thank you

    • A M on 2018.07.05 at 03:45

    Hi, can you reupload BoA - First Live Tour 2003 -Valenti- (DVD) ? only part 1 is working, thanks a lot for the work!

  1. • Jake: re-upload 'Music Station 2 hour special (2018.02.23)'
    I can, but all rar parts will be new.

    • Jake on 2018.06.28 at 07:45

    Hi can you re-upload 'Music Station 2 hour special (2018.02.23)'? Only part6 is not working. Filejoker please. Thank you.

    • Syukri Mohamad on 2018.06.27 at 13:50

    READY Hello, can you reupload Yoko Oginome & Johnny's West - Dancing Hero -All eat you up- (NTV Best Artist 2017) one more time, Thank You 🙂

    • Fatiman on 2018.06.24 at 17:44

    READY A. request for fixing the deadlink of Flower - Taiyou no Elegy (Type A) (DVD)
    READY B. request SAKURA CINDERELLA - Natsu Koi Cresendo full PV/MV in 1080p 60fps please

    • Aditya on 2018.06.23 at 19:39

    Requesting PV for Mahou Shoujo Site character song, believe Again by Tsuyuno Yatsumura (CV: Himika Akaneya)

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