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    • Tohid on 2020.09.25 at 01:54

    Hi can you please upload this music video I can't find it anywhere...
    HaKU - Shoudou (2016) M/V

    • Hans on 2020.09.22 at 15:44

    Hi! Thank you for this great site. I would like to request: "Yumi Okazaki - La Berceuse" flac if possible. Thank you!

    • prefume on 2020.09.18 at 14:31

    I request predia's "TOKYO MADONNA"
    thank you

    • Sam on 2020.09.17 at 13:06

    HI~ Nice to meet U ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒž May I request the single CD ใ€Žๆ…Žๅพใƒžใƒžใฎๅญฆๅœ’ๅคฉๅ›ฝ-ๆ ก้–€็ฏ‡-
    ใ€? Thank u sooooo much ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜ ๐Ÿ˜š

    • booka on 2020.09.06 at 14:17

    Hi, can you reupload this dvd, the links are dead:
    Mayu Watanabe - Best Regards! (Type B) (DVD)
    Thanks so much

    • takasimasa on 2020.09.06 at 11:10

    please uploaded
    ustumi kazuko best

    • Ffgf on 2020.09.03 at 22:59

    Off course greatest hits 1969 1989

    • Hans on 2020.09.02 at 20:00

    Hi! This is really a great site for Japanese music. And mostly great flac quality. I have taken a Filejoker membership.

    I have one request.
    Anri - Summer Farewells (1987)

    Thank you for this great site!

    • Steve W on 2020.09.02 at 08:34

    Can you help me get the following albums for Eri Takanaka:
    Contrast, Garden, Sang, Kioku no Mori no Ghibli
    Indies Best
    Live Self Cover

    • Samuel on 2020.08.29 at 23:45

    Hi, I'm looking for "Wagakki Band - Kiseki BEST COLLECTION II Blu-ray" music videos. Can you upload it either in BDRIP or BDISO format? Thanks.

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