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    • Taylor on 2018.11.06 at 04:26

    Hey can I request a couple albums to be uploaded
    READY Salu - Indigo
    Salu - Love

    • Anonymous on 2018.11.02 at 21:11

    Please UP After School - BEST (Live edition) (DVD) of file 4.

    • Jason on 2018.11.02 at 06:38

    Magic, Drums & Love ‎– 恋はパラディソ/一生解けない魔法とは。(single)

    Thank you very much for your site

    • Mio-chan on 2018.10.27 at 18:59

    I would like to request these two albums:

    Mio Yamazaki (ミオヤマザキ) - Choice
    Mio Yamazaki (ミオヤマザキ) - 大人がダメって言ったヤツ

    • thynslike24 on 2018.10.25 at 20:16

    hi...can i request some mv and concert?
    Nissy - トリコ(toriko) full mv
    Nissy - relax & chill full mv
    Nissy Entertainment 2nd LIVE -FINAL- in TOKYO DOME (WOWOW Prime 2018.10.20)
    AAA New year Party 2018 DVD
    thank you

    • Hagane on 2018.10.24 at 23:45

    Hi there!

    If possible, i would like to ask this to be uploaded :

    Official Hige Dandism - Escaparade

    and probably this to be reuploaded :

    LiSA - LiVE is Smile Always ~LiTTLE DEViL PARADE~ (WOWOW 2017.08.20)

    Thank you so much!!

    • Diego Castanho LSH on 2018.10.23 at 17:23

    Please, upload these requests!!!
    * Wake Up Girls - Tunago (Full PV - BD Rip)
    * Ange☆Reve - Yuukan na Koi no Serenade (Full PV - BD Rip)
    * Ange☆Reve - Colorful (Full PV - BD Rip)
    * Matsuri Nine - Hare Hare Carnival (Full PV - BD Rip)
    * calme - Bring Your Happiness (Full PV - BD Rip)
    * Ryoga - New Beginning (Full PV - BD Rip)
    * SUPER☆GiRLS - Wagamama Girls Road (Full PV - BD Rip)

    • Shin on 2018.10.18 at 14:44

    Hello, do you have
    Nami Tamaki - Believe, Fortune, Heroine, My Way, Prayer, Promise, Realize, Reason, Result, Sanctuary PV
    Lee Hyori - Chitty chitty bang bang MV
    Namie Amuro - Wonder woman Pv
    Nana Kitade - Alice, SUICIDES LOVE STORY PV
    Younha - Te Wo Tsunaide PV
    Yuna Ito - I Don't Want To Miss A Thing, Precious, PV
    REIRA starring YUNA ITO - Truth PV
    NANA starring MIKA NAKASHIMA - Glamorous Sky
    AI - Story, I'll remember you, STRONGER feat. Miliyah Kato, Believe, E.O. , ONE (PVs), Concerts or perf
    BoA - Milestone PV
    DOUBLE & Shota Shimizu (清水翔太) - Oyasumi No Kiss Wo ~Good Night My Love~ PV
    Dream - My Way〜ULala PV
    Faky - Girl digger, suga sweet PV
    ZONE - secret base~kimi ga kureta mono~, Akashi PV
    Haruka to miyuki PVs
    Mika Nakashima - Life Pv

    • i don't like k-pop on 2018.10.12 at 16:21

    Post new links pls:
    READY Eir Aoi - Genesis (PV)
    READY Eir Aoi - Kuroi Uta (PV)
    READY Eir Aoi - Lapis Lazuli (PV)
    READY Eir Aoi - Sirius (PV)

    • Meg on 2018.09.30 at 00:23

    Hello! Thank you for taking requests.

    If possible, could any of these please be uploaded:
    Amuro Namie - Tour -Genius 2000- (DVD) [Reupload]
    READY Amuro Namie - SO CRAZY tour featuring BEST singles 2003-2004 (DVD)
    READY Amuro Namie - FILMOGRAPHY 2001-2005 (DVD)
    READY Amuro Namie with Sister Rabbits - Issun Momo Kintarou [1995 Single]

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