Jan 17 2016

Sexy teacher (2006)

Sexy teacher (2006)

Alternate titles: Hot for Teacher, Who slept with her?, 누가 그녀와 잤을까?

Cast: Park Jun Gyu, Kim Sa Rang, Shin Yi, Yoo Chae Yeong...

Genre: comedy

Strict teachers, all those hours inside four walls, all your desires and youthful energy repressed. School is an endless drag - until she comes along. Uhm Ji Young has a perfect body and metric tons of sex appeal, and she knows it. Needless to say, all the students go crazy, and the male teachers too! They should be preparing for the annual school festival, but they're all occupied with other matters. Then a scandal erupts. The three major suspects are the school's trio of professional playboys, Kim Tae Yo, Bae Jae Sung and Ahn Myung Seop. A particularly strict teacher is after them. His mission: find out who slept with her?

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• 1.36 Gb :: 800 x 336 :: avi
• Language: korean
• Subtitles: english

rar 01: https://filejoker.net/zn0gwq19r8r1
rar 02: https://filejoker.net/lbbqemlv98p8

rar 01: http://www.datafile.com/d/TVRVeE56VXlORFEF9
rar 02: http://www.datafile.com/d/TVRVeE56VXpOVE0F9

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