Sowelu - Heads or Tails?

Sowelu - Heads or Tails? (2005)

01. ”Uh” with HI-D and Jun 4 Shot from Fire Ball
02. Get Ready ~Nite 2 Remember~ feat. BIG-O
03. Let’s Go Faraway feat. Micro from Home Made 家族 (Mine-Chang remix)
04. Do You Remember That? (DJ High-D remix)
05. No Limit feat. P-Cho from Doberman INC (Bach Logic remix)
06. He is not for me (Octopussy remix)
07. 暁ニ想フ feat. Miss Monday (Hieda remix)
08. Play That Funky Music feat. urb
09. Cloudy feat. Masaya Wada (Taishi Fukuyama remix)
10. Love for Two

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