Spontania - Collaborations Best!!

Spontania - Collaborations Best!! (2009)

01. Introduction
02. Be With Me feat. Seamo
03. Onaji Sora Mitsumeteru Anata ni feat. AZU
04. Kimi no Subete ni feat. JUJU
05. Where is the Love feat. Tawata Emi
06. Ima Demo Zutto feat. Ito Yuna
07. Interlude
08. Three is the Magic Number feat. COMA-CHI
09. Natsu Yume feat. Sotte Bosse
10. Another Story ~AI ”Story” Spontania version~ feat. EЯY
11. Beep Beep (Hunter’s remix) feat. Wise
12. Kitto feat. Hashimoto Seiko
13. Yamakawa Kusaki feat. Micro
14. Beautiful feat. Harisenbon

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• bitrate: min 540 Kbps / max 1069 Kbps


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