Thelma Aoyama - My Covers

Thelma Aoyama - My Covers

01. Billie Jean (Original: Michael Jackson)
02. So Sick (Original: Ne-Yo)
03. Every Breath You Take (duet with Brian Mcknight) (Original: The Police)
04. You Give Love a Bad Name (Original: Bon Jovi)
05. Virtual Insanity (Original: Jamiroquai)
06. Honesty (Original: Billy Joel)
07. What’s Going On (Original: Marvin Gaye)
08. This Love (Original: Maroon 5)
09. I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing (Original: Aerosmith)
10. Imagine (Original: John Lennon)

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青山テルマ - My Covers

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