Twice - #TWICE2 (DVD)

Twice - #TWICE2 (DVD)

Music Video:
01. LIKEY -Japanese ver.- (PV)
02. Heart Shaker -Japanese ver.- (PV)
03. What is Love? -Japanese ver.- (PV)
04. Dance The Night Away -Japanese ver.- (PV)
05. YES or YES -Japanese ver.- (PV)
06. LIKEY (MV)
07. Heart Shaker (MV)
08. What is Love? (MV)
09. Dance The Night Away (MV)
10. YES or YES (MV)

Making Movie:
11. LIKEY -Japanese ver.-
12. Heart Shaker -Japanese ver.-
13. What is Love? -Japanese ver.-
14. Dance The Night Away -Japanese ver.-
15. YES or YES -Japanese ver.-
16. #TWICE2 Jacket Shooting

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• 6.36 GB :: DVD.iso

rar 01:
rar 02:

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